About us

Tegas Engineering develops and manufactures electronics for automotive gas equipment. Company founded in 2013 by skilled developers and managers with many years of experience in autogas electronics development and implementation into the market.

Our business areas


Our products

Products that we produce are original developments of our designer’s team. Therefore, we mainly orientated to the technical part of our products. Wherein, we not only constantly monitor the global trends in autogas equipment, but introduce our original articles in our products. Tegas Engineering products are distinguished by simplicity of technical solutions, versatility, as well as its availability. Our company products are sold in different countries worldwide. This shows that our product meets the market requirements on different continents.


Technical support

Due to developers close contact with the end user, we provide expert technical support. Most of our client’s comments and suggestions are accepted and after short period implemented into our products. The uniqueness of our technical support is that it is carried out by the developers themselves. Technical support is available by phone, e-mail, as well as through our forum.


Cooperation with leading companies in the world

Working together with the leading manufacturers of autogas elements strengthened our position as an experienced and professional team. We have extensive experience in contract development for third-party companies..


Autogas components supply

Having strong relationships with manufacturers of autogas equipment, enables us to offer equipment in kits. Our product range includes components of the following companies: Vialle, Tomasetto, Alex, Rail, etc.


Quality policy

Tegas – develops and manufactures electronics for automotive gas systems. We have accumulated more than fifteen years of experience in this field. We design and manufacture gas equipment for cars and provide professional technical support.

Tegas mission

To design reliable, new generation autogas electronics, developing high technologies and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Tegas vision

Become a production leader of economy class autogas electronics in European and Asian countries.

Operating principles

To meet best expectations of the parties concerned, in 2016 we have implemented quality management system ISO 9001: 2015. Due to this, we undertake:

Quality policy is under constant review, available to all interested parties, it is known and understood by all employees and persons working on behalf of the company.

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