Timing advance processor

TE-TAP - Timing advance processor

Single channel timing advance processor TE-TAP is designed to make additional time advancing angle of ignition in engines running on LPG or CNG. Compatable with both inductive and Hall crankshaft sensors.

TE-TAP have ability to rewrite firmware. By this moment available firmwares:

  1. Bosch 60-2 (inductive)
  2. Renault 60-2 (inductive)
  3. Ford 36-1 (inductive)
  4. Toyota 36-2 (inductive)
  5. Huyndai 30-2 (Hall)
  6. Suzuki 36-4 (Hall)
  7. Bosch 60-2 (Hall)
  8. Chrysler 36-4(Hall)
  9. Nissan 36-4(Hall)

Default firmware is Bosch 60-2.

TE-TAP angle timing advance range is: -15º…+15 º.

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